Below are some details regarding the design of Infinity PFM.

Desktop Interface

Infinity PFM uses the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) for its' user interface. The current build of SWT that Infinity PFM is using is 35 so if you are compiling from source you will need one of these versions on your machine.

Web Interface

The web interface uses the Rich Ajax Platform which allows applications written with SWT to port easily over to the web.


At the moment Infinity PFM only has an an English translation but the application itself has the plumbing to support other languages. Multiple currencies are not supported yet.

You will find language files in the conf directory. Each file is formatted as XML and represents a spoken language. You can point Infinity PFM to a new language file in the Infinity PFM | Options |Setup menu.

If you have a new language you would like to submit to the Infinity PFM project then please email it to mogray@users.sourceforge.net


Reports are in HTML format and can be saved or printed. Charting is rendered using the Raphael Javascript library. More details here.


Data is stored in HSQLDB database version 1.8. Database interaction is done using iBATIS Data Mapper.