Infinity PFM 0.7.5 Released - October 14th, 2017

This release decouples the user interface from the database allowing for for the Infinity PFM client to access data across a home network and from multiple machines if desirable. The new configuration also allows database encryption.

Below are other changes added in this release.


  • Edit account bug fixed
  • Invalid currency method MT. Gox removed
  • Can now run database and client on different machines
  • New option always show error console on start
  • New option to render reports in the default browser vs from within Infinitypfm
  • Updated Gnome icon set
  • Added BTC update methods
  • Release now deployed as an App Image
  • Database backup also compresses the backup into a tarball.

Infinity PFM 0.7.1 Released - September 6th, 2014

This release fixes a critcal bug that prevented new users on Ubuntu 14.04 and above to launch the application after first download. This release also adds a self extracting binary download for users of non Debian based distributions.


  • Fix for 1362721 Application startup throws errors during database creation.
  • Blueprint create-self-extracting-release-bin: Added self extracting bin download.


  • Installer for Debian Wheezy
  • Use bitcoin.conf for login to client when available
  • Add commit all button to pending transactions interface
  • Add account balance to register
  • Add income accounts to Account balance report
  • Add ability to asign rules for transaction upload
  • Fix for 1121332 Bitcoin import not working with version 0.7.2
  • Fix for 1360836 Crash when running reports on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • Fix for 1087878 OFX import memo field blank for personal checks

What is Infinity PFM?

Infinity PFM is a open source personal finance manager written in Java. See below for main features.


  • Budgeting
  • Recurring Transactions
  • Color Reports
  • Charts
  • Currency Support
  • Can import Bitcoin transactions from default and other compatible clients
  • QIF, QFX, and OFX import
  • Desktop Interface
  • Can access your
  • Free and Open Source

How to get it

You can download Infinity PFM here